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Creamy Cottage Cheese Parfait (Sugar-free)

This is less of a recipe, and more of an experiment on my part. I should have recorded all of the quantities I used when preparing this, but I was too busy combining strawberry puree and cottage cheese to make these pretty shades of pink! If you choose to try this out, I say just play around with it and have fun.


Approx. 2 cups ripe strawberries

2 cups cottage cheese (I used Muuna 4% cottage cheese)

Monkfruit powdered sweetener, to taste


1. Puree strawberries in a high-speed blender until liquefied. Pour into bowl and set aside.

2. Clean blender; then puree cottage cheese until completely smooth. Add a splash of liquid (milk or milk alternative) if the consistency is too thick to blend.

3. Once blended, add monkfruit powdered sweetener to taste. Go slow -- monkfruit sweetener is twice as sweet as sugar, so only a small amount is needed! Pour sweetened cottage cheese mixture into separate bowl.

4. Here comes the fun part -- you will need several clear glasses to mix your different shades of pink. I divided my cottage cheese mixture into 5 portions (one to remain white), and then added increasing amounts of strawberry puree to the four remaining portions, with the last one (and darkest one) being mostly strawberry puree.

5. Layer in a clear glass and top with granola or other desired toppings.

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