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Peanut Butter and Jelly Pound Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches (sugar free, gluten free)

Every year when summer rolls around, I get on an ice-cream making kick. There's just something nostalgic and special about warm summer days and homemade ice cream. This year, for some reason, I started craving PB&J ice cream (which is random, because I'm definitely a chocolate or salted caramel kind of person). Then I started thinking about it more, and decided that it would be even BETTER with pound cake chunks swirled in. I made a keto, sugar-free pound cake to fold into the ice cream, but then I had so much pound cake leftover that I decided to sandwich the ice cream in between slices. So what I ended up creating was basically a PB&J sandwich.....except better! Certainly this could be done with any store bought pound cake, or even leave the pound cake out if you want the ice cream on its own - but making it into ice cream sandwiches definitely takes it to the next level! I'll definitely be trying this with other ice cream flavor combinations this summer!

Ice Cream Ingredients:

Approx. 1.5 to 2 cups macerated strawberries (see below)

3 cups heavy cream

1 cup whole milk

3/4 cup granulated monkfruit sweetener

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp xanthan gum (for added creaminess)

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1 to 2 cups crumbled pound cake (approximately 1/2 of pound cake recipe, see below)

Macerated Strawberries:

1 quart ripe strawberries, tops removed and chopped

1/2 cup granulated monkfruit sweetener

Pound Cake Ingredients:

1 cup monkfruit sweetener

1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened

1 8-oz package of neufchatel cheese, softened

8 large eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 1/2 cups almond flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp baking powder


1. Add chopped strawberries and monkfruit sweetener in a large bowl and stir well to combine. Allow to macerate for several hours refrigerated.

2. Prepare pound cake while the strawberries are macerating, as it will need to be cooled prior to mixing it in to ice cream. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray 9-inch loaf pan with cooking spray; set aside.

3. In a large bowl, cream together butter, neufchatel cheese, and monkfruit sweetener using a hand mixer. Add eggs, one at a time, and blend until smooth. Add vanilla extract and mix to combine.

4. In a separate bowl, mix together almond flour, salt, and baking powder. Slowly add dry ingredients into wet ingredients, using hand blender to blend until batter is smooth.

5. Pour batter into loaf pan. Bake for approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

6. Allow to cool completely. Once cooled, remove from loaf pan and cut in half. Crumble into small pieces that can be mixed into ice cream. Cut the remaining cake into 1/2 inch thick slices, to be used for sandwiching ice cream (if desired).

7. After strawberries have macerated, remove bowl from refrigerator and add the heavy cream, whole milk, 3/4 cup monkfruit sweetener, vanilla extract, and xanthan gum (if using). Mix well to combine.

8. Pour ice cream mixture into ice cream maker and prepare according to manufacturer's instructions. While ice cream is churning, prepare loaf pan that was used to make pound cake by lining with plastic wrap or parchment paper, allowing several inches to hang out of the sides of the loaf pan. This will allow easier removal of the ice cream once frozen. Additionally, using the same loaf pan will ensure that you can slice the ice cream the same size as the pound cake slices you will be using for the sandwiches! Make sure to check that the loaf pan is freezer safe, however.

9. Once ice cream is fully churned, scoop into loaf pan and smooth the top. Place into freezer immediately.

10. While ice cream is in freezer, place peanut butter in microwave-safe bowl and microwave for approximately 1 minute, until softened and easily mixable. Allow to cool for about 30 seconds.

11. Remove ice cream from freezer and evenly swirl peanut butter through ice cream. Fold in pound cake crumbles and return to freezer. You can serve as-is, or you can make it into ice cream sandwiches by following remaining steps below!

12. In order to slice the ice cream for the sandwiches, it will need to be completely frozen (at least 6 hours). Remove ice cream loaf from pan by lifting with plastic wrap or parchment paper.

13. Slice ice cream approximately 1/2 inch thick using a warmed knife (warmed by running under hot water). Place ice cream slices in between two slices of pound cake. Press lightly to sandwich. Store in airtight container and return to freezer until ready to serve.

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